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About PRIDEBIKES company

We’ve just enjoyed walking, having fun, riding our bicycles, discovering new paths simultaneously. Once the idea of our own product creation has dawned on us. So, this is how a decent and accostable kids’ bike that was missing on the market has appeared.


About PRIDEBIKES company




The next brought up aim was regarding working-out of a mountain bike. Elated with success we started thinking over a worthy cross-country model and … again set down at a drafting board. Passing a long path of continuous calculations and dozen variants of elements’ selection as well as thousands of hours spent on a test riding, changing two manufacturing factories, cooperating with freelance engineers at the time and pro-riders, we’ve coped with our mission. In 2010 the first mountain bike was originated. This is how Pride was founded.

We pushed ahead with the grant of that feeling of the very same interminable pleasure and drive. In 2011 the urban range of Pride bikes was launched. And nowadays thousands of people can enjoy comfortable riding across the urban streets and park pathways due to our models.

Currently the product offering of bikes is expanded to the level of the world top range brand. The model development supposes the involvement of experienced product engineers and professional sportsmen breaking in our bikes. The quality technician is constantly at the factory and keeps a good look-out for the production process. However, this is just a little part of our team. We have dozens of the like-minded people putting their hearts into Follow your Pride – all this makes us.

Riding with you.

Faithfully and gratefully,

Pride Team